Not 100%

My wi-fi connection is going bonkers again, and the fact that I’m not up and running at 100% physically is not helping.  I had written a blog post here two hours ago which disappeared when I hit the “PUBLISH” button.  Gone.

It’s just the time of the month again.  Alan was considerate enough to suggest we have pizza tonight instead which we did.  That’s the better half being sweet again.

Here’s a post I wrote on the bus on the way home:

It took me a while to find the pen in my purse but I found it (eventually).  I just felt like fighting the urge to nap on the 30-minute ride home and chose to write instead.  Inspiration?  Maybe.

It’s between 6 and 7 PM, and I just left Flushing.  The bus is “standing room only” but it’s not packed full.  I’m trying to make up my mind about dinner to distract myself form this throbbing headache.  Spaghetti won.  (We actually had pizza instead.) 

A friend had e-mailed about a barbecue in this far-flung part of Pennsylvania.  Thinking about the barbecue per se and the long drive didn’t exactly excite me.  (Around 2 hours from our part of New York).  I told Alan I’d rather go to Sesame Place or Splish Splash (both again) and see Angel enjoying himself – but it was his call.  He picked Splish Splash.  The weekend was too short as it is, he said.  Now I’m smiling.

I don’t mind devoting the weekend to just the family because Alan and I are having our “couple time” this Thursday anyway.  We were hoping to do the Restaurant Week menu at ONE IF BY LAND, TWO IF BY SEA, but it wasn’t any surprise that the restaurant is fully booked already.  So we’re doing Bobby Flay’s Bar Americaine instead, with another couple friend joining us.  We used to go out a lot with this husband and wife before Angel came, but having a baby has altered not only our schedules but our whole lives dramatically.

So that takes care of dinner and the weekend.