Bato-bato sa Langit, tamaa'y huwag magalit (subtitle: Ang Pikon, Talo.. Beh!)

Warning:  This post will either entertain or irritate you.


I was reminded by the magician we hired for Angel’s birthday party in Manila last May that “bato-bato” is actually the Tagalog word for “dove”.  (“Kalapati”, the word that more naturally comes to mind when searching for a translation for “dove”, is actually “Pigeon”)


My post on BLOG CONVERSATIONS has spurred  some comments coming from those who obviously got hit with what I said.  I find it ironic, though, that someone reading my blog would take offense at something I wrote, but would think nothing of my taking offense at some nonchallant or ill-phrased comment about what they read on my blog.  And will someone please explain to me if this makes sense:  i hope you can write more interesting topics. kakasawa minsan ei. NY NY NY. there are more intersting things than NY right. but youre right its your own blog. write whatever makes you happy. though you have readers too. (Uhm, excuse me, New York is where I live.  The title of the blog happens to be Pinay New Yorker — I thought that was self-explanatory.)


I knew I was opening a can of worms.. but I spoke my mind out as I’m supposed to do in a blog.  Yes, it’s a personal blog (which someone else now says makes it “exclusive”, the implication of which totally escapes me.. ” (She) writes for herself and not really for others. So her’s is an exclusive blog, i guess.“) 


I make no pretensions of being here to educate, entertain, show my works of art, showcase my life in pictures, etc.  From the very heading, “MUSINGS OF A FILIPINA LIVING IN THE BIG APPLE”, the blog speaks for itself.  I put this blog up to chronicle the thoughts that matter to me not to please anyone but to fulfill a personal need. I post the photographs here to keep a record of what I’ve done or made.

I write about my attempts at building a small herb garden, the joys and pains of motherhood and being a wife, the stupidity and wisdom of life.. my personal relationship with God, my love of postcards and lighthouses, make up and my culinary adventures, New York or Manila or Paris.. the subway, the MRT, fishballs, hotdogs, my headache, my period.

It helps that the people who matter understand.  I read Toni’s post and it was exactly my thoughts in a more concise form.  (Please take the time to read it.  The link will open in another window so you won’t lose me and my ranting here.)  I edited the applause out of WengT’s comment but know what she meant and all I can say is, thank you for your heartfelt appreciation of what I meant.  And to Jerome who has been a sounding board offline, tuloy ang laban. +wink+ 

To those who search for substance and find that I’m not always elucidating about life, the pursuit of freedom or the wonders of outerspace, there are a million blogs out there doing that.  Spontaneity has always been my muse, and I’m not a profound thinker 24/7.  I only dig deep if I have to — most of the time, I simply think in practical terms… I think one thing that has kept me level headed and sane in this crazy world is my capacity to go with the flow and just be myself.  Despite that, I have remained very civil as I would in the real world.. and unfortunately, I cannot say the same for one or two who seem to think they’re self-appointed editors in the open when their own writing doesn’t make grammatical sense.

I would actually thank these people who must’ve sat a long time thinking of some smart alecky retort for taking the time to visit my blog (over and over) and read my words (without fail!) were it not for the fact that they don’t have the guts to give me a working e-mail (read: a REAL one that won’t bounce), or show me how they’re doing a better job blogging (IF THEY EVEN HAVE A BLOG).

I actually never realized that I had an “audience” — it’s not like people pay to read my blabbering here.  (Did anyone notice I don’t have a donation button on my side bar?  I don’t have anything against those who have earned the right to — some of those blogs are actually written by real writers!  Not just some Pinay New Yorker hitting the keys every time a thought strikes her..)   At this point, I don’t know if I ought to be flattered or frightened about the fact that people actually read my posts.  I have always been ambivalent about fame.  I’m just doing what I set out to do when I write my thoughts down.  I’m speaking my mind out.  If you like to come back or link to my blog, you don’t even have to ask my permission. 

As Toni wrote in Wifely Steps a year ago: 

A simple rule for blog-hopping: If you don’t like it, don’t read it. If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

Simple. It’s all about respect. While bloggers cannot choose those who read their blogs, readers can choose to be helpful or not.

If you’ve gotten this far in this post, then you’re either shaking your head cursing me or nodding in agreement.  Either way, thanks for taking the time to read my blog.  Let me warn you, though, I intend to continue writing about New York and I don’t think I need to make sense to anyone but myself.  (So maybe yes, my blog may be like a rice puff — “(a) couple of lengthy paragraphs with very little substance.” – and that’s supposed to be more profound that my inane writings here?)  That’s why this is a weblog and not a commercial or academic website.  I can write on and on and on and not make sense — that’s freedom of speech, and I’m doing it here in my own space.  If you want to join in on the conversation, you’re welcome to do so but you must do so on the terms of the blogger.  If that’s too much of a hassle, then go choose a blog where other rules apply.

The end.



The bags that have traveled with me

I needed a good stretch.  Then I looked at my hands when I put my head down and realized I need a manicure.  (If I could only find the time.)

I was up in the attic over the weekend putting away our suitcases.  (I can’t believe we have so many!)  They had been stashed near the attic opening causing problems with ingress and egress and before Alan or I tripped over them, I put them down on the far end of the attic, right by the baby crib, the stroller, the high chair and my mother-in-law’s wheelchair.

Those suitcases will stay there for at least another year.  In the meantime, the trips we will be taking will need just one suitcase at most, and it’s the one nearest the main part of the attic.

Although my bags and suitcases are not the leather and studs type of old, each one holds a special memory of a place visited for me which is like an invisible sticker naming the place it’s been to.

My first hard case suitcase (a rollaway size) saw me through two business trips to Hong Kong in the mid-90s.  It was the same suitcase I packed my wedding gown in when I took my trip to New York to begin a new life in 2000.  It was in Hong Kong where I saw a gold ESPRIT mesh tote which in 1997 cost the equivalent of only P300 and to this day, I bring it with me when we go to the water parks.  I have a denim GAP bodybag I carried through the streets of Boston as I did the Freedom Trail on foot one hot summer day as Alan went about his business.  I have a green messenger bag I carried through the streets of Paris which was where I stashed my red Kenneth Cole purse.  Now I have a huge TOTES knapsack which was like a suitcase pack I carried from New York to Manila and back this last trip.

Whenever I see these bags, I remember where they have been and it brings back so many memories.  These bags, I will never part with.  (That’s the sentimental fool that I am.)

Make up recommendations

I wrote a post yesterday on the way home but was too tired to fish it out of my laptop tote and my wireless connection was intermittent last night.  I finally gave up after the post below.  I’m feeling better but still suffering the usual aches and pains associated with womanhood.  I’m actually relieved because although Alan and I take steps to ensure Angel remains an only child (get my drift?), I get worried there might’ve been an “accident” when I get delayed.  (Even if I had always been “irregular” since I was a teen.)

I usually do something extra or different about the way I paint my face when this happens – I’m one of those people who feel good when I look good.  So let’s talk make up.

Summer is the only time I can wear mascara and liquid eyeliner everyday because my eyes get teary-eyed in the cold winter.  I’ve been putting my CLINIQUE Eye Defining Liquid (01 Black) to good use since late spring but have just fished out my L’OREAL Waterproof Panoramic Curl mascara (in Intense Black) from my make up tray to take in my purse everyday.  (I got this as a gift from a dear friend, Peter, but I want to write about his present of L’OREAL goodies separately.)  I still have my trusty REVLON curl lash which I’ve had for over 5 years now, a definite must for me because although I have long lashes, like most Asians, they need a little help with a curl because they all point downwards.  Using a curl lash doesn’t only make them look prettier but it saves me the trouble of wiping mascara smears under my eyes.

My biggest favorite of the season though has been my BODY SHOP Blush shimmer waves (01 ROSE) which I purchased as a personal treat for myself during my birthday last April.  I’ve always loved the make up of BODY SHOP because of its versatility but this gets an A in that department definitely!  Like most multi-colored palettes, you can play with combinations depending on your mood or what time of day you’re putting make up for.  (Evening definitely requires something more dramatic, but today, I’m going for the natural look.)

No lip gloss for me today.  I use the lip liner end of THE BODY SHOP’S lip colour + liner  (02) which I apply to the edges then smooth in as a base coat for my dollar store find MAYBELLINE Moisture Whip in Hint of Honey.  This is a lipstick shade which looks like a dark concealer but makes a lovely “color tamer” because it can subdue any shade you put it on top of.  So the dark flat red becomes a very subtle shade of burgundy.