Talking about Mascara

Bride-to-be WengT got curious when I wrote about the L’Oreal Waterproof Panoramic Mascara that I’ve been using.  My personal favorites are not waterproof but I agree that you ought to try it out before your decide on using it for what would probably be a day you’ll be crying tears of joy.  This is my second L’Oreal mascara product but I don’t really stick to one brand.

My big beef about waterproof mascara is that it is difficult to take off, but I think you’ll be good with some baby oil or good old Pond’s cold cream.  I use baby wipes to clean my face and although it takes more than the usual to do it, it cleans it up.

I’m okay with this product because it is as black as can be, I noticed it doesn’t clump badly although it might need more than one coat if you want ultra-noticeable lashes.  If you want it to be noticeable but still look natural enough to blend in with your made up look, this is a mascara you should try.

I have always liked Lancome’s Definicils and The Body Shop’s mascara.  You might want to ask if they have waterproof versions and try them.  Lancome will be rather pricey so one advice I’d give you is try it at the counter.  They will usually indulge you that if you ask even if they don’t have a makeover promo.  They will even suggest other products.

Good luck!

One thought on “Talking about Mascara

  1. Thanks for the quick reply/entry, Dinna! 🙂 I’ll look for the L’Oreal W/P Panoramic and get some counter trial at The Body shop (completely forgot this option – of having a trial… haha)… I’m clueless with makeup so I sometimes get swayed with counter-girls’ sales pitch. 😦 But, with a real feedback (and a Pinay too) on these products, I’m more confident than just buying from salespeople. Salamat po! 🙂


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