My wedding ring

I have a simple gold band for a wedding ring.  I take it off along with my engagement ring and anniversary ring when I get home.  I don’t want to do my chores wearing it and usually pick it up on the way out of the house as I grab my purse when I run out.  I was in a rush to leave today and Angel’s trying to stop me from walking down out the door made things worse.  It wasn’t long before I realized I had forgotten to put my rings on.

I feel naked when I don’t wear them.  I look at my hands and I can’t help but feel like I am incomplete.  It’s not just the ring per se but what it stands for.  But what can I do?  Perhaps it’s age getting the better of me..

2 thoughts on “My wedding ring

  1. I hear you!!! 😉 I don’t have a wedding yet (soon though, yay!!!) and like you, everytime I don’t wear my engagement ring, I too, feel naked… perhaps, it has grown to be like a security blanket for me and of course, the thought that something is amiss makes me cold… Love the entries you have here, Dinna… from the pencils to Angel’s sweet and happy smile (he loves water, I suppose??) to your dinner out with hubby and friends… and hey, I got L’Oreal’s w/p mascara but not the Panoramic one because apparently, it didn’t come in that form… Thanks for the suggestions. Have a great Thursday! 🙂


  2. Hey, Dinna, we’re exactly the same when it comes to our wedding rings. I also remove it every time I do household chores. But I always wear it every time I go out. Like you, I feel “naked” when I don’t wear my wedding ring.

    When I went to Ukraine last summer, I forgot my wedding ring at home because I had a very early morning flight. I felt…incomplete, yes.


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