On the way home early

It’s a minute to 2PM and I’m sitting on the express bus cruising through 6th Avenue and I’m on my way home.  Our head office is closed due to power outages in that part of New York and I would’ve stayed home but we had an event in New Jersey.  The boss was kind enough to give me car service to and from the two offices, but since the head office is closed, my colleague and I took the car service to Midtown and just headed our own separate ways home.


I stopped by Cucina & Co. in the basement of Macy’s in Herald Square to pick up some sushi for lunch.  (It had to be something I could eat on the bus without the aroma to let everyone know I’m digging in.) 


Were it not for the fact hat I’m lugging my laptop and another tote plus my purse, it would be very nice to just walk through a few blocks even if it’s a tad warm outside.  New York, on a nice day like today, is quite a sight to behold.  Bryant Park, one of my favorite places in the city, is teeming with people going through the lunch hour.  Later, the crowd will reduce in size but there will still be a lot of people enjoying the park.  (The tourists never go away.)  It’s summer and there’s a stage in the middle where live shows, concerts and movies are shown in the summer.


So I thought I’d just take advantage and just go home.  Time to catch some sleep with the little tyke if I catch him awake when I get there.   

One thought on “On the way home early

  1. hey dinna!
    funny, i was in macy’s right around the same time you were there… i just had to avoid going down cause i might splurge again in the kitchen department!


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