My typical Saturday evening

Back in the day in Manila (Pre June 2000) – Saturday evenings were spent either going out with friends or out on a date, or staying home after spending the day out with Nikky, my youngest brother.  We would usually go to the mall (Glorietta or Greenbelt), watch a movie or just go around shopping and eating, stop by Dad at the parlor before heading home.

During my early years in New York before Angel came along – We would stay home with the stepson spending the weekend with us.  It meant watching a DVD, ending with Saturday Night Live late at night.  We would go out Thursdays or the early days of the week when we would meet up in the city and go out to dinner by ourselves or with friends.

Now that Angel is here – After spending the day out with the family, we would have dinner, Alan would put Angel to sleep after reading him a book (current favorite is THOMAS the TRAIN or one of two CARS book featuring Lightning McQueen) — Angel would’ve taken a bath during the day instead of just before bed as is customary during the week, and we’d sit in front of the TV watching a DVD or just watching TV… maybe catch Saturday Night Live.

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