Sundays are made for lazing around the house

The sky over our part of New York is overcast.  It’s actually been gloomy and there have been showers off and on.  We experienced quite a downpour yesterday, but we’re good today.  (I think..)

We’ve been watching DVDs at home, and it’s Angel’s turn with his THOMAS the TANK ENGINE.  This is my type of weekend.  Just sitting in the living room, no pressure, and playing with Angel.  I’m actually going to start cooking lunch in a bit.  We’re definitely having lunch at home.  I don’t have much on my list except the groceries as far as errands are concerned.  I will probably put my scrapbook stuff together, maybe pay a visit to Bed, Bath and Beyond to check out this Grid Cube Stacking shelves unit I am thinking of using in the attic.   Otherwise, I’m sticking to boxes which work out at this time anyway.

I’m cooking some Sinigang na Salmon and Inihaw na baboy  (using our George Foreman grill).  Time to get busy in the kitchen.

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