Treasures in my attic

I went up to the attic after washing the dishes to start making room for my stuff down in the living quarters.  I put what we had left behind of the hand-me-downs for Mom’s kababayans in Bulan, Sorsogon (Bicol) in a suitcase, and came up with 3 big paper bags of winter wear she had passed up on.  Alan will drop those off at the local Salvation Army.

We’ve had quite a few windy storms in the past few days, so there was some sandy debris near the vent opening just by “my area” of the attic, I made room and sat down.  I went through the postcards strewn about the floor.  Most of my postcard collection are in boxes, but there are a lot which are in small paper bags and in open bins which need to be stored properly.  I sorted through those which were mixed in with some documents and old letters and magazines and just segregated them into freecards and postcards for now.  While going through them, I also tried to weed out the magazines I would keep and those I would throw away.

I am such a pack rat!  It is so hard for me to throw away something unless it is obviously no longer useful or it is something I find no use for at all.  I am a very sentimental person and I keep old letters, cards, gift tags, etc. although I have no organized way of keeping them.  (I have, however, practically all of the cards and letters that Alan and I exchanged before we got married bundled up in my closet in the bedroom.  Now I must put myself to task and gather what we have given each other since we got married — I keep finding them everywhere!)

I found pictures from my family in Manila, and early pictures of Alan and me –  duplicates because he keeps albums of hard copies — mostly during our pre-digital camera days.

I found my box of pencils — and added a few which I found in another box containing my things from my job with a non-profit on Wall Street before I started this job I have now three years ago.  (I have to remember to bring up the pencils I have here in the kitchen counter and in the bedroom.)  I found the postcards that started my collection — giveaways from the early days of Sari-sari (the store) which I want to frame and put in our living room.  (No matter that they are now yellowish with age..)  The first edition Papemelrotti craft postcards you will no longer find on their shelves.  Early Ayala Museum postcards of artworks by famous Filipino artists..

It was a walk down memory lane.  I managed to pull out a lot of stuff to get rid of, but much of what I had gone through, I just sorted and stored again.  They are there because they mean something to me. 

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