Blog Rut

It isn’t for lack of things to write about — it’s just that at the end of they day when I sit here to publish my posts, I’m usually too tired or otherwise preoccupied watching TV or scrapbooking.  (Uh-oh, that’s not a good sign.)  I still scribble down posts when on the bus but somehow my thoughts have been left hanging in midsentence, so none of them have been published here.

There are days when I can’t even decide which topic to write about first.  I’m trying to get out of this blog rut.  That’s the reason I’m posting at the beginning of my day.  Maybe this will jumpstart things a bit.

My Digital Layout Submissions

There are monthly challenges over at RAKScraps which I joined today and here are the layouts I submitted.  The first was supposed to be a “SCRAPLIFT” which is essentially “lifting ideas” from a featured layout. The second is a “LAYOUT” Challenge where they give you a design element, which in July is “Repetition”.  Beautiful kits to work with so I’m inspired.

I’m rather limited by my software because I’m doing my layouts on Powerpoint.  The nice thing about Powerpoint is that although it is primarily a presentation software, it is capable of graphics manipulation and can save into .jpg or .png.  I save as jpegs for uploading (after resizing) and then I save the whole layout as a single graphic in .png format for printing later as a 12×12 page.  So as not to “lose out” on margins, I break the graphic into two pieces and print on legal size paper and later piece it together into one layout.  (Still with me?)

I still consider myself both a paper and digital scrapper.  I cannot imagine coming up with purely digital layouts although that is probably what I would do for the multi-copy albums I’m making of the pictures we took in Manila.  I will probably save my hard embellishments for my personal copy.

Again, if you’re interested to get these scrapbook kits, you have to register with RAKScraps and you can get these from their Newsletter archives.

Submitted as an entry for the RAKScraps Monthly Challenge (JULY)
used “Wishing for Spring” Mini Kit by KATHY MOORE
of DigiDiva Designs
Except for flower from Microsoft Clipart
Fonts used: Adler and Chachee
Submitted for the July Layout Challenge with “Repetition” Theme
Using the “PHUNKY PHRESH” Mini Kit by Eve Recinella freebie from RAKScraps
Fonts used are “Scriptina” and “AmericanaBT”