No, I'm not ON LEAVE

Okay, I have not been on a sabbatical.  Just so happened that my connection in the bedroom isn’t as good as when I’m out here (now posting from the breakfast counter) — and well, I chose to stay in the room last night.  The night before that, the laptop gave me a scare and refused to go through the complete boot up telling me it couldn’t verify my license.

So I called in the IT Site support yesterday and they checked my laptop but told me the issue was being forwarded to the hardware team.  Chances are, they were going to change my hard drive which was reimaged just before the 4th of July.  So I spent much of yesterday trying to back up my files onto the server drive.  It was as simple as that but the laptop wasn’t cooperating, and I ended up feeling exhausted at the end of the day.

But I’m back.

I was hoping to slow cook Korean Beef Stew today but I just discovered this morning that I was out of green onions.  The grocery is a short walk away but that means I will walk to the corner, get my green onions (and maybe grab some milk and bread while I’m at it) and then walk back.  I have called the office I’m running late because I have to be here when the dining room ceiling fan/light is installed.  So yes, it’s doable, but it’s muggy outside and I’m thinking about whether or not I will do it.

Such seemingly trivial choices and yet the decision escapes me.  We often find ourselves at such crossroads over very small matters.  (Do I switch bags today?  Do I wear the blue or the pink outfit?)  Decisions, decisions.

But back to my short ribs.  I have a kilo and a half that have thawed in the fridge so I have to make a decision about what I’m doing about it today.  (I suddenly remembered another recipe that doesn’t call for the green onions until AFTER the dish is cooked..Will google it.)

Friday.. I love Fridays because it means Saturday and Sunday are up.  Tomorrow, we have a birthday party to attend (where Alan wants to show off his little boy to his college friends) and then Sunday, it’s wine tasting with some friends of Alan from work (and no, we’re not bringing the tyke along..).  I guess I have a busy weekend up ahead. 

Time to prep the short ribs.

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