Coins in the subway tracks

I rushed out of the office at 5:30 with all my gear in tow, raring to get home to prepare dinner.  I had to stop by the grocery to pick up some green onions and dessert for dinner plus milk and bread for everyone during the weekend.  I skipped the first express subway train that hit the station because it was packed full.  The next train took a while to come and I found myself staring at the tracks.

It was dirty with mud and all the grime of elevated train tracks — there was still sufficient daylight for me to see so many coins embedded on the mud  although I couldn’t make out which ones were quarters or dimes and nickels and which ones were pennies.  But there were a lot of them in a uniform copper tone.  Round treasures hidden in the grime.  I bet you if we sifted the muck and got all those coins, we’d come up with a hefty bag of goodies.

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