Saturday chores

I wanted to sleep late but the little tyke woke me up around 8AM requesting breakfast.  I complied but it was my Mom who cooked his oatmeal.  After preparing breakfast for Alan and having my latte and Lily’s Peanut Butter sandwich, I put the mold and mildew remover on the tub and let it sit.  I changed the sheets and sprayed fabric freshener on the bed and pillows.  Then I went back to the bathroom and sprayed scum remover on the tub this time.  The toilet bowl is steeped in cleanser and I will clean it in a while.

Father and son are out having the car washed and waxed.  I checked the lotto and no, Mom and I didn’t have any winning numbers.  My Mom has this gut feeling that she’s bound to win — for some strange reason, I do, too.  She keeps hitting portions of the combination but never the whole thing.  Soon..

I’m going to clean the bathroom before I take a shower myself.  Then it’s off to do errands, lunch, get the sundries at Target, then we have that barbecue with Alan’s college buddies later.  All-Filipino, somewhere deep in New Jersey, and the Dad wants to bring his boy along to show him off to his friends.  Not that they don’t know the older son — the mom is one of them.  But it’s Alan’s pride in this little boy who is his spitting image, and who is literally a chip off the old block.

Pictures, pictures.. time to clean the bathroom now.  I prefer to do it because I have my standards.  My bathtub is clean enough for you to lie down in if you wish when it’s dry, and good enough to take a long soak in when you feel like a hot bath.  It was one of the selling points of this unit when we scouted for our place: I needed a bathtub where I wouldn’t mind sitting down bare naked.  And I found it.

0 thoughts on “Saturday chores

  1. hi, i’m obsessed with cleanliness and i always try to keep our bathroom immaculately spotless 🙂

    i read in your side bar that you are currently reading Memoirs of a Geisha. i enjoyed watching the movie version. i’m currently reading Angels & Demons 🙂


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