Dieting again

Unbelievable but true.. I’m going to start my real diet today.  (Read:  I’m beginning my self torture to whip myself into shape.  I can already see the hubby clapping his hands with glee when he reads this.)

(1) I’m just too fat.  (2)  It’s also a health issue because at 40, I need to take extra care of my body. (3)  Besides, I don’t like the thought that $25 is being deducted from my account for a gym membership I haven’t been using.  (4) Also, I know that with both my parents having a history of diabetes, I need to makea  conscious effort to avoid falling victim to the same condition.  (5) I hate the fact that I see something I would love to wear but end up hating the way it looks on me when I try it on because I have too many bulges in places where I shouldn’t be too chunky.

Alan and I have a formal Sweet 16 party to attend in September, and I don’t want to spend on a dress if I won’t look good in it.  End of story.

I have always been on the chubby side for most of my adult life.  I managed to lose weight for period of time (like dropping from a size 12 when I arrived in NYC in June 2000 to a size 8, 12 months later), but I also tend to hang on to the pounds when I gain them.

My excuse for the past 2 years was breastfeeding.  I refused to diet to keep myself “healthy” — the only problem was I ended up being “too healthy”… LOL.  So I’m back to a chunky 12 and my love handles have been “hanging on” as a result of my half-hearted attempts at trying to shed the pounds.  So it’s time to let go and try to regain the healthier me that has been sleeping underneath the flabs.

I’m going back to “no rice”.  I had actually stopped eating rice altogether sometime 10 years ago.  My carb intake, though, is still a little generous because I still take bread and pasta.  Thanks to my resolution to give “Somersizing” a try, I’m switching from regular pasta to whole wheat (we just consumed my stash in the pantry) and I’m limiting my carb intake from hereon.

Counting down…

2 thoughts on “Dieting again

  1. Good luck dinna! I had the same dilemma last year when I had to lose at least 20 pounds because I wanted to look decent on my wedding day. I played badminton again as a form of cardio and I really cut down on my meals. I’m happy to report that I lost 25 pounds. However, I gained 5 of those back but I vowed to myself that I will really try to keep fit. I’m still trying to lose 10 more pounds to get back to my ideal weight. I’m not getting any younger. Good luck to both of us!


  2. wow! tell us if it works…and kung ano pa other tips. hehe..i’m trying to lose weight myself. i was really thin in college but got heavy when i started working. i hope i get thin, soon, too! I don’t know if I can take not eating rice…gaaad…Good luck!!! 😀


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