Intellectual Stimulation

It’s almost 3PM and I have yet to hear about whether or not my laptop will be returned to me today.  I hope so.  I had to cut and paste my entries last night using Alan’s computer, leading to some mishaps (typos) along the way.  I had to ask him to let me post my entries because I felt like I had “lost my voice” when I was unable to post.  (Those of you who are blogaholics like me know what I’m talking about.)

I finally decided to take my book, “MEMOIRS OF  A GEISHA” with me so that I can finally finish it and hopefully move on to another book.  A friend has recommended another book which she promised I wouldn’t be able to put down until I finish, so I’m trying to get my reading list going.  I must admit I don’t find Memoirs very compelling — it was with me when I flew to Manila and to date, 2 months later, I’m not even a quarter of the way through.  Meanwhile, “BLINK” is somewhere in my bedroom.  If I can fish it out, I’ve decided to read it from the start again.  Being non-fiction, it’s not like a story I can pick up from one point to the next — I have to sit through it without lulls in order to fully grasp the concept of the book.  Right now I still recall some of the principles presented, but I feel I need to start over to be able to better appreciate what it’s all about.

I have watched the movie and found it entertaining, but I find the book more impactful.  I usually read the book before watching the movie except in this case which was good — because I think I would have been disappointed with the movie had I read the book first.  There’s a lot of detail in the book which is to be expected.  How can you possibly condense all that the author had written into two hours on screen?  I am taking my sweet time.

I’m getting into the groove of reading again.  I have always found reading very relaxing, not to mention intellectually enriching.  One of the things I miss so much is studying — as in reading a book and learning, participating in discussions, interacting with like minds.  That is one major adjustment I made when I settled into my new life here in the big apple.

Months before I got pregnant with Angel, I joined a poetry group that met randomly.  I found them through and joined just one meeting.  We decided to meet at a coffee shop on Union Square, one of my favorite places to dine in and browse around.  We were less than ten, ages ranging from early twenties to over 40.  We were asked to bring a piece about New York, the topic of the night, and I brought a short poem I had written.  It was my first poetry group discussion so I was surprised at how detailed the discussions were about each poem presented.  We were asked about the meaning of our prose and suggestions were made on how to better express what it was we were trying to say.  I don’t know but that experience really drained me.  I guess that’s the reason I never found the time to go and attend again.  So much for intellectual overstimulation. Ha!

It was an interesting experience, though.  Nothing traumatic but I just felt mentally drained afterwards.  While it is good for critiquing your work if you are seriously writing, spontaneous poets like me (and I am not comfortable calling myself  a poet) get all antsy in the hot seat.  It just wasn’t my cup of tea.  So I went back to reading.

I keep getting bulletins from Barnes & Noble about new releases and special discounts as part of the privileges of my membership with them.  I am tempted but I have been good.  I just have to remind myself I have two books still on my reading list, and a dozen more to be read.  So no thank you, I’m not buying any books anytime soon — save if there was a book signing I really must attend.  (Watch out for a separate post on that.)  Read on, read on.