Finally finished MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA

I had to bring the book to New Jersey and steal some time while Angel was napping to finally finish the book.  I couldn’t put it down even if I had watched the movie because it became apparent halfway through the book that there were major disparities between the two — so although I knew how the story ended, there was enough to keep me turning the book from page to page. 

Highly recommended reading even if you have watched the movie. 

0 thoughts on “Finally finished MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA

  1. i read the book (memoirs of a geisha) on my first trip to tokyo 6 years ago. i was not aware then though that it was a “controversial” and shunned-upon book in japan. My japanese counterparts expressed their disapproval of the book. A year after, i was surprised to see one of the blokes reading the japanese-translated version of the book.


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