I've been tagged!

I was tagged by Lani around a year ago, but I didn’t know enough bloggers to actually do it so I had to pass on answering it all. Well now I think I can give it a try.  Thanks to Ladybug for tagging me.

One book that changed your life. “Living, Loving and Learning” by Leo Buscaglia. This book has touched me so that it’s a favorite gift to friends and family.  It has a newsprint paperback version available at National Bookstore if you are interested.  Although I lost my original copy to the “borrower’s circuit”, I had a fresh copy sent to me the year after I left Manila so I can keep it in my bookshelf.

One book that I read more than once. “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupery. I first read this book back in High School and have always felt touched and enriched by the message of the book.

One book you would want on a desert island. Teresa Reyes-Tunay’s “Flowing Free”.  I first came across Teresa Tunay-Reyes through her columns in the MOD magazine of old.  When she came up with a compilation of some of her works, I grabbed a copy way when I was still in college.  This is a woman who knows how to go after what she wants and gets it.  I like her wit and frankness and although I hated parting with the book, this was one of the heirlooms I distributed before I left Manila.  The girlfriend who got it (my irreverent friend, Mau) actually laughed her way through the book.  I am not sure it’s still available, but if you can find one in Manila, grab it.  It’s a keeper.  I figure that if I’m going to be by my lonesome self on an island, I’d like to have something to laugh about in that miserable state.  Also, TTR’s street smart writing has its own little lessons of life that should be useful.

One book that made you laugh. “The Road to Gandolfo” by Robert Ludlum and “Fatherhood” by Bill Cosby.  Okay, I know it says “ONE” but I just had to make mention of two of my favorite books.  Ludlum’s ROAD TO GANDOLFO is Ludlum at his comic best.  Although he isn’t particularly known for comedy, this one has the same action-packed suspense-filled story but with a barrel of laughs to go with it.  If you must read one Ludlum, make it this.  Forget about the Bourne Identity, the Bourne Supremacy, etc.  (Not that those books aren’t good..)  This is a different Ludlum you won’t want to miss.  As for Bill Cosby’s FATHERHOOD, this is the book that got me started on reading and searching for his works.  To date, it’s still my favorite, and it’s the funniest Cosby I’ve read.  Not only is it funny, but it’s very endearing. 

One book that made you cry. “The Testament” by John Grisham.  So why would John Grisham make me cry?  You have to read the book to find out, but this is one book I’d love to see onscreen.  Since Grisham seems to insist that the screenplay stay as close as possible to the novel, I think this is good screen material — scenic, exotic, heart wrenching.  (Well, for me, it was..)

One book that you wish had been written.  My life…  but the story isn’t even quite halfway yet, so I’ll wait another ten years maybe.

One book that you wish had never been written.  I think every book has it’s purpose.. so I cannot single out anything at this point.

One book you are currently reading. “My Life” by BILL CLINTON

One book you have been meaning to read. “The Patriot’s Handbook” by Caroline Kennedy.  I actually have a first edition signed copy which I had the great fortune of acquiring during her book signing here in New York City.  It’s part of my attempts at getting a headstart with my special project to learn American History because I would want to be able to teach my son about it with more insight and depth once he starts studying. 

Now the catch is that I have to tag 5 people.. so here goes:  I’m tagging Demi, Jerome, Tintin, Lani, and Anna.

Dalawang Tula at ourownvoice.com

One of the better bloggers I regularly read, Toni of Wifely Steps (please click on the screenshot of her blog below to visit her blog) wrote to share with me the good news that one of her poems was published at ourownvoice.com.  I’ve visited this expat e-zine and highly recommend it to all Filipinos.

Toni’s poem is part of a “conversation” between her and another poet whose poem (in answer to hers) is published in the same issue, hence, “Dalawang Tula”.

Toni wrote : “The poem published is called “Pula Ang Ilaw” and some of you may have read it already. Please do read the poem that follows it, entitled “Uy, Pula Ang Ilaw” written by Rolly delos Santos, a gifted poet and a friend. On their own, the poems are monologues of two characters on each side of a window. However, the poems help prove that hey, a duet could be happening for all you know. We may have different stories, but all stories could be connected. “

You will find her work in the POEMS section

Scrapbook Embellishment created from fabric swatches

Finally got a picture of the fabric swatches I cut up and sewed together into one of the embellishments I intend to use for one of Angel’s postcards:

The fabric swatches are in different shades and textures of red, and I cut the letters one off of an individual swatch.  Instead of stitching each letter, I “fastened” them onto the background swatch with one “x” or cross stitch using a lighter pink thread.  It didn’t cost me a cent!

Two new layouts have been uploaded to the scrapbook photo album on the right.. I’m currently working on another two more.  I produce them in twos because they are meant to be 12×12 spreads of two pages each.