Saturday chores

Father and son hied off to the carwash after breakfast, so I was able to prep the bathroom for cleaning.  Cleanser in the toilet, steeping after being scrubbed.  Mold and mildew remover sprayed on the tub and calking and on the underside of the tub rubber mat as well.  (Scum cleaner to be sprayed in 5 minutes, then a round of cleanser to rinse all those chemicals off the tub.)  I will save the swiffer sweep for later.

I’ve set myself to task to clear up some clutter in the bedroom this morning.. and I’m keeping my fingers crossed I will get the chance to do some work up in the attic.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had an extra day to the weekend?  (And to the whole week for that matter?)  Wishful thinking, I know.

Did you understand the post you read? (I guess not..)

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), along with it’s “sister” Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is well known here in the US.  In the Philippines, I know advocates of better education on the matter are starting to propagate awareness about these two conditions.  It appears that ADD is present among some bloghoppers as well.  

It has occurred to me that there are many blogreaders who are quick to react to blogposts without first absorbing the story.  This is in response to a comment from a no-email/no-URL Jolina (who reeks of the mentality and verbiage of three other commenters who hog blogs with their insensitive and thoughtless comments and who are probably one and the same person) who said (in reaction to my post “Another trip to the ER”.)  ”kasi naman baka (daw) sa kabablog (k)o, napapabayaan (k)o na ang bata.”

To which I say, if you read the post and paid attention (as in, nagbabasa ng nag-iisip), you will see that the two incidents happened when Angel was with my Mom.  Secondly, if you will read my trails, you will probably figure out I don’t get to blog unless Angel is asleep.  (Then again, that might be beyond the intellectual comprehension of the less endowed.)   Now it’s my turn to say huwag magalit, paalala lang, baka kailangang mong magpacheck at meron ka yatang ADD.  If you don’t know anything about ADD, go google it in between bloghopping.  Baka meron kang matutunan..

I am truly flattered that these people keep coming back to read my posts, but I don’t appreciate their crass comments and irreverence.   (Just in case you need it, here’s the link to baka hindi mo ma-aruk at medyo malalim na ingles yan.)   At first I thought maybe they just didn’t like the way I was writing and were otherwise spreading goodwill elsewhere.  Then in my own bloghopping, I came to discover that they not only moved in the same circles as I did but had spread their wrath around, doing worse in other corners of the blogsphere.  I guess that’s why they have no blog of their own to speak of.  How can they write a blog if they’re too busy bloghopping?  There are only so many hours in a day, and I can truly relate.  I, for one, cannot turn in at night unless I get the coffee pot ready to brew the next morning’s coffee, put away the dinnerware from the dish rack, and tidy up Angel’s toys in the living room if the Lolas hadn’t done it yet — and if I have anything to say, posted here on my blog.  There are those who are, however, fortunate enough to have all the time in the world to go and wreak havoc across such a wide spectrum of blogs you cannot get a true sense of what these people are reading, except that they will find fault and say something even with a comment that is completely off-tangent with what is being written about.  After all is said and done, they end up with their foot in their mouth.  Such negative energy!

Ganunpaman, maraming salamat sa patuloy ninyong pagtangkilik.  I can only suppose that you are envious that I can write prolificly without missing a beat when you probably struggle to think about what smart alecky comment you will leave on my blog each time.  Paalala lang — and to borrow that abused phrase, “This is just constructive criticism:”, try using that grey matter between your ears from time to time.  Your brashness is beginning to show your actual intellect or rather, lack of it.  You have to start going the “Jolina” route or find some other monicker because the blogworld is on to you.  

Oops, too profound and too long a post.  Did I lose you somewhere back there?  Focus, focus!!!  (Remember, search string should read ADD or Attention+Deficit+Disorder.. baka meron ka pang pag-asa.)  And just for the record, I wrote this post in less than an hour.  So no, I don’t spend my day and night blogging like you spend yours on your fault finding mission across the blogsphere.  And I might actually find the time one of these day to pull up your trail around the blogsphere and give you my two cents’ worth —  then you might see how you have to brush up on the writing and spelling yourself — ang sa akin, eh, constructive criticism lang naman.

I say “Kudos!” to the bloggers who refuse to be put down and who have valiantly defended their corner of the web.  (Special mention goes to Toni, Owen, GarnetGirl, Yuri and Jher..)   Your blog is your space — and you have every right to defend it and stand up for it!  Kayo ang tunay na nag-iisip dahil nakakasulat kayo.  Hindi gaya ng mga walang  pakundangang manggulo sa “bahay” ng iba.  I say be fearless — write as you please!  Don’t be afraid about the grammar police — we’re no editors here and we are no longer in school wary of getting poor grades if we don’t write well.   Besides, even these people who deem themselves above us and who think they can judge us because they read our blogs are far from perfect themselves.  Nagkakandapili-pilipit ang Ingles nila at spelling.  Mahilig silang mamansin ng mali ng iba, pero takot silang ibalik natin ang pagkokorek sa kanila kaya hindi sila makapag-iwan ng e-mail address o URL.  Besides, they’re too busy reading blogs and commenting without thinking that they have no time to read e-mails even if you bothered to send one lambasting their own thoughtlessness. 

After all the muck you’ve spread around, I would think you would’ve learned how to be good at it.  Instead, it gets lamer and lamer as the bloggers you hit start putting you in your place. Are you still with me?  Focus, focus!!