"The Wedding Singer" on Broadway

Our anniversary celebration started with a matinee showing of “THE WEDDING SINGER“, one of the more popular musicals now playing on Broadway.  I had told Alan I wanted to watch this sometime in the next few weeks, and he surprised me the day before our anniversary asking if I would prefer the matinee or the main show at night.  I would’ve preferred the cheaper alternative but matinee tickets on new shows don’t really make any difference on pricing.  I chose the matinee only in consideration of not overstretching Mom on a weekend, so we went.

I loved the movie and I LOVE THE MUSICAL!  I also loved the fact that we were dead center on the fourth row and we could practically touch the actors.  And what a coincidence that the actress parlaying the role of “Julia” (Drew Barrymore onscreen) was Tina Maddigan who we first caught in the original run of “”MAMMA MIA” here on Broadway.  Another big surprise worth mentioning is that there is a Filipina in the cast, J. Elaine Marcos who was part of the ensemble and played a Vegas Imelda Marcos impersonator in the latter part of the show.  (She has a striking resemblance to one of the Marcos kids so I wouldn’t think it’s too farfetched an idea that she is related to the more [in]famous members of that clan.) 

She enters the stage in an elegant terno with a Salvatorre Ferragamo shoe box in her arms.  Don’t rack your brains trying to remember an Imelda Marcos scene in the movie because it’s part of the revised ending they used in the musical.  Julia and Robbie still end up together, but they get to the last part in a different way.  (I won’t spoil your fun by telling you what exactly they did, but it did not detract from the integrity of the story.

This is one musical that Alan and I will be recommending to friends, more so for those who can relate to the ’80s.  Although you no longer hear much of the ’80s sound so typical of Adam Sandler movies, you hear “allusions” to it that will bring you to that point in time.  Definitely worth the very steep price of the tickets, and a truly memorable way to celebrate our anniversary — going back to a very memorable part of our younger years.

Celebrating my better half and me

I can’t believe it’s been six years since Alan and I decided to make this union permanent by saying “I do”.  Now we have a two-year-old son who makes us complete as a family, our own place, memories and lessons learned from the things we had done together and a relationship stronger than ever.

I know our relationship is still relatively young compared to some, but we have managed to hurdle so many obstacles together that it makes me feel confident we can face future challenges even better.

Although our relationship is far from perfect, we’ve become better friends and good partners in life.  We haven’t stopped trying to get to know the other person better, and the surprises never end.  The laughter continues even as our lives continue to undergo so much change. 

We still hold hands in the moviehouse, and he always wants my hand on his lap within easy reach whenever he’s behind the wheel.  We have our own private jokes which have evolved from character to character.  We enjoy doing things together and continue to find new things to explore.

It took me a long time to find THE ONE, but this one was definitely worth the wait.


In search of…

I wear three rings everyday.  My engagement ring, my wedding ring and an anniversary ring Alan gave to me last year.  I cannot find the last one.  I usually take them off the minute I enter the house, but they are always together.

Last night, I took the wedding ring and the engagement ring on my left hand but didn’t remember to take off the one on the right until I started washing the chicken I was cooking for dinner.  I vaguely recall putting the third ring down but now I’m confused about whether or not I had put it in the same bin where the other two were.

I didn’t discover I was missing the ring until this afternoon before Alan and I left to celebrate our 6th year wedding anniversary.  (Yes, I’m still on “celebration” mode..)  We were running late for the matinee we were hoping to catch, and I figured it was just somewhere on the breakfast counter.

I’ve been looking for it high and low and still no luck.  My vibe is that it’s still here, I just need to jog my memory.  Getting old, getting old.. my right hand felt naked all afternoon.. * sigh * 

Addendum: We eventually found the ring.. I knew it was just around here.. =)