Exploring the West Village one Saturday afternoon

It was too early to sit down for dinner and we wanted to see what else there was in the vicinity of Bleeker Street.  Alan actually discovered a nice French Bistro in this part of downtown when he went looking for parking the weekend before when we took the lolas out to a simple family dinner at Dragonfly, a Filipino/Asian restaurant we have long patronized.  (I have yet to write the blogpost on that, though — coming soon.)

So Alan and I decided to take a walk around after enjoying our late afternoon coffee and Dulce De Leche mousse at Cafe Angelique.  Not too far away was this most interesting store which made me giggle with delight when I saw what it was all about: Condomania.  We walked on and on until we came to this corner bakeshop where there was a long line of people queuing for something — Alan was curious to find out what.  It was the famous “Magnolia Bakeshop” of Sex and the City fame.  

Cupcakes?  I had some back in Manila courtesy of Demi during Angel’s party at Club Filipino, and I think those as are good as the ones I’ve had here in New York.  But Sex in the City makes a big difference — although from what I’ve read, this bakeshop has been a must-visit place from way, way back.  It’s “sister”/”competition” Buttercup Cupcake which was put up by one of the original owners of Magnolia likewise helped elevate the cupcake to a different level among consumers.

Across Magnolia was an interesting corner bookstore, Biography Books, which is having one of its sales.  Racks outside the store have titles selling for anywhere just over $2 to $10, and inside, all hardbound books were 20% off.  I chanced upon an anthology of quotes from the works of Antoine Saint-d’Exupery which I snatch up for $4.95 ($5.40 after tax!).

Celebrity sighting: Dylan McDermott who stopped by the Psychology/Science Fiction shelf.  I wonder if it’s just a personal interest or perhaps in preparation for a role he’ll be taking on soon?

It was a very interesting neighborhood with more bakeshops and stores that offers something for everyone.  There were even ”his” and “hers” Ralph Lauren stores across the street from each other.

We’re definitely coming back — and that was even before we had our anniversary dinner.  I’m saving that post for later.





0 thoughts on “Exploring the West Village one Saturday afternoon

  1. Thanks for taking us with you on a walk around West Village! I’ve heard a lot about it but I’ve never been there. I’ve also heard a lot about those Magnolia cupcakes. They’re starting to become legendary!


  2. Dinna

    Definitely part of the plan, Sis.. I definitely want to fall in line for the cupcakes with you in tow.. just sit and sip our espresso and latte.. look at the beautiful people and just sit and chat. This is not a venue for boy watching, though.. get my drift?


  3. Demi

    Dinna, Hahaha!!! In that case, this place is reserved for our girl-bonding moment. Estrodate!! Looking forward to it sis, miss you so much!


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