The Cruz – Quezon Exchange

After stopping to take a peek at Calm before the storm, I chanced upon his post in the continuing discussion on Justice Cruz’s infamous article in his column. 

Jher wrote: I do not have the writing prowess of MLQ3 to continously debate the issue with Justice Cruz. I will definitely lose in the basis of writing and debate skills.

To which I say Jher, my friend, you do not have to join the debate.  It is more than enough that you have made your voice heard.  We all have our roles to play in this discussion, and once we have said our piece, then we would have done our part.  I won’t even dare join in that intellectual fray — I feel truly small among such intellectual giants, but I am truly heartened I have been heard. 

Thanks to you, I hopped on to MLQ3’s blog where, to my surprise, I discovered I had been mentioned in an enumeration of reactions/posts to the original article of Justice Cruz.  No less than a mention in the enumeration of reactions to the original thorn in such a widely read blog!  (Jerome (aka Bridget) was mentioned in the same breath!)

For those who have not been following this exchange, Justice Isagani Cruz had written his views on the gay population of the Philippines on August 12 in “Don We Now our gay apparel“.  I was among those who reacted very strongly against this tirade (see Gay Bashing is a Crime), but I take exception to Manuel L. Quezon III’s reply “The Grand Inquisitor“.  An equally strong reaction followed in Justice Cruz’s column with “Neither Here nor There“.  The latest salvo came from MLQ3 in “Oblivious in Cloud Cuckoo-Land“.

After reading that exchange, I recommend you go the MLQ3’s blog and read the very impassioned exchange that saw me reading a 33-page print out (as of this afternoon, ending with 80 entries in the comments) and I must say it made for good reading and reflection.  If you want to read an intelligent discussion of the matter, I suggest you take the time to read it. 

The issue has not been laid to rest.  These are opinions and it is a very touchy issue.  There will always be disagreement.  It is not a perfect world after all.  But the lesson in all this is that we must learn to listen not only to those that speak in the same tones and light as we do — because then we will discover what defines our own beliefs.