Ulan ng ulan

It hasn’t really rained cats and dogs.. but it has been a gloomy and grey day.  We went to mass, had brunch at Cheesecake Factory, went around the mall and were forced to go home before doing any more errands because of the bad weather.  We didn’t want to bring Angel around when it was raining intermittently — and we knew the Lolas were tired.

I napped a little but the boy has been resisting his afternoon nap.  Mom finally turned on the TV at 5PM to tune in to the JEWEL IN THE PALACE MARATHON on AZN.  She had already watched this previously the last time she was here, so she knew about the series even before it started showing in Manila.  Here in New York, she doesn’t mind reading the subtitles because the series is shown in Korean.

I’ve been busy scrapbooking.  I just completed the Rivendell album Friday, and today I uploaded my first three layouts of my Paris Scrapbook which you will find in my Pinay Francophile blog.  If I can average 2 layouts per day, there is a chance all the pictures of my Feb 2005 trip will be layouted before I leave for Paris again in November.  It’s still a plan but just thinking about it really excites me.  I guess it means I’m not going to the West Coast for our high school reunion in Los Angeles.  With only a handful of days left in my vacation bank, I’m being very choosy about which days I take.  I don’t get additional days until January and while I don’t have plans of staying in Paris long, as it stands, I will eat up at least 3 days’ vacation, being that we intend to leave the evening of Thanksgiving Thursday.  (The red-eye gets us to paris early morning.. and I intend to go home ahead of Alan the Wednesday following — the flight leaving Charles de Gaulle at 5:50 gets here sometime late evening.)

Mom and I had decided on Sinigang na Baboy for dinner today but she wanted to get some beef to add to it.  Problem is, I haven’t done the grocery yet and my chauffer is snoring in the bedroom, taking his powernap.  We will do the grocery for sure.  It’s open til late anyway.  I just hate interrupting Alan’s nap during the weekends when he gets to rest all he wants.

The cool air brought on by the rains is a relief.  It’s pretty chilly outside actually.  That’s most welcome after the heat wave the previous weeks.