A grey day

The storm isn’t quite here in New York yet but it’s been raining.  So it was another gloomy day.  The bad weather notwithstanding, I’m doing better.

I got some interesting comments which were touching and hilarious at the same time.  Someone suggested I have my thyroid checked but the reference to feeling low was more emotional than physical, and yes, I knew what was dragging me down.  Thank you for the concern..

I got a pleasant surprise in the mail from K of Hong Kong. A new postcard to add to my collection, and this from a blogfriend.  I’m also exchanging postcards with Owen but I haven’t had the chance to drop it off at the post office.  I don’t want to just put it in a mailbox lest it get drenched with rain or wet from moisture.  Anyone else interested to receive a postcard from New York?  E-mail me your mailing address.