Scrap, scrap, scrap

I have been so busy scrapping I haven’t been blogging.  I usually work on my layouts during my spare time and uploading them until I see the clock striking midnight.  Talk about being inspired!  

I am probably 15% along the way to finishing my Paris Scrapbook.  I just realized today that I now have over 40 layouts since I started doing digital scrapbook layouts last week of July (of which a mere 4 pages are Paris related.  I haven’t uploaded the rest yet.) That’s not bad considering I am averaging 1 a day (although I work on around 2-4 a day in reality).   I’ve been trying to maximize the 4-layout maximum for the of which I am an active member of.  I am not even attempting to create my own scrapbook kits — just creating the layouts is eating up all my free time.

I discovered another Scrapping site which is full of freebies for digital scrappers who prefer to get their stuff free like me — check out  Both RAKScraps and ScrapArtist require registration for you to be able to utilize their freebie privileges, but it’s definitely worth it.

My reading has been “frozen” because I keep forgetting the book in the office.   (So I took it earlier and put it in my laptop bag so that I won’t forget it this time..)  I have been staring at MY LIFE (Bill Clinton) sitting on the edge of my breakfast counter for a week now.  I know, I know.. I will open it tonight and read the preface or foreword at least.  John Grisham  has a new release coming out soon entitled THE INNOCENT MAN.  This is supposedly his first non-fiction book so it should be interesting.  Slated for a Fall 2006 release, I can’t wait to get my copy and read his latest.

The constant rain has been a dampener.  My Mom made an observation that it is only here that she has seen such a fine mist instead of our usual ambon.  You can actually see and feel it but  you’re not really getting wet.  We’ve been having a lot of that lately and I’m gearing up for the supposed after effects of a storm getting near us.

We’ll probably just stay home.  It’s really too soon to plan anything.  Meanwhile, I’ve spent the majority of my evening scrapping away (again).  I’m just so into it these days, it’s addicting.  Much like writing helps you to express yourself and put your thoughts into words — scrapbooking is helping give vent to my creativity.  And there will always be projects and more projects…

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