Craft Report: Busy Bee that I am

I promised myself I’d carve out some time to write but I’ve been busy scrapbooking again.   I didn’t realize it can get so addicting, with this burning desire to keep going with the layouts just so I can make substantial progress.  I’m just so glad I had put the paper scrapbooking on hold because doing the layouts digitally is so much easier and more efficient.  I don’t have to worry about wasting the paper by cutting it wrongly, or of getting the proper add-ons and embellishments.  I’ve taken to just layouting the pictures and backgrounds first, and I’m just going to worry about the captions and journaling later.  (For the uninitiated, “captions/titles” are main headings and “journaling” would be the actual explanation or full text relating to what you see in the layout.)  

I’ve noticed that these days, I’ve been taking pictures with the thought in mind of eventually using them in a scrapbook layout.  It’s almost like imagining the picture pasted onto a scrapbook page.  I still cannot do the layouts totally digital because I’m a souvenir freak.  I pick up napkins with restaurant logos, tickets, flyers, brochures, giveaways, maps.  I even brought home a free paper from Paris which I must definitely add to my final layouts.  I have a ton of postcards I bought, as well as clippings from the tourist magazines available at the hotel.  (I should’ve bought a newspaper even if it were in French!)  I even found freecards which are a form of advertising on postcards distributed in cafes, restaurants, museums, etc.  I also like seeing the ribbons, trims and other add-ons for real instead of just as pictures.

I cannot wait to start printing out the layouts and actually rendering them final.  However I want to do that all with the same paper stock so I’m not going to start until I am definitely at least halfway through.  At the rate I’m going, that should be before September is out. Funny how I had been stalled big time but now I’m just buzzing through and loving it!

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