New Category coming: The people in my life

I have been meaning to start a new category here but have not had the time to start a post to put in it.  The people I Know and have known have their own stories to tell, and I wanted to write about how they came into my life and how things went.  Friends from childhood, batchmates from high school.. the org mates from college.. the friends I had in law school.. the people I”ve worked with.. past loves.. the fling/s (I haven’t quite decided if I will own up to that..LOL) .. in short, the people in my life.  (Which is what I had hoped to name the category.) 


Now let me just decide who’s going first..


0 thoughts on “New Category coming: The people in my life

  1. hello dinna!
    well this new category would be nice. ako i don’t have the mental ability to recall those people…malilimutin ako eh! how are you na? sorry i havent been leaving comments here..i do read your posts, too lazy nga lang to comment. hehehe sorry! hugs hugs to you!


  2. Dinna

    ANNA, hugs to you, too! We missed you..=) And inggit ako sa yo kasi nagkita kayo ng 2 Jeromes plus Lani! Tell me more, tell me more, tell me more.. will definitly watch out for the updates on your site.


  3. Start with Allan (lol). Yes, I know dami ka na ring nasulat about him but baka meron pang mga di nari-reveal, esip-esip pa (hehehe). Sarap magbasa ng ukol sa love e, parang bumabalik sa pagka-teenager kahit na nasa big 4 0 na.

    Take care, D.


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