Thoughts about the long weekend

I decided I’d take the express bus even if it wasn’t with Alan if only because the 7train homeward was bound to be crowded.  With the US OPEN on, there is a bigger volume of commuters heading towards the second to the last subway stop on the route I usually take locally.
 Turns out I would’ve decided to go this way even if it was another time of the year because there was a major delay on the Main Street bound 7 train due to a sick passenger.  So that was that. The best thing about the express bus is that if I’m lucky enough to get on the newer bus, I get a two-seater row all to myself, and the seats are layouted in such a way that I’m assured privacy.  Time to blog… (although part of me was thinking about scrapping.. again..) I’m looking forward to the weekend because it’s a long weekend for us, with Monday being Labor Day.  It’s actually my last holiday before Thanksgiving as my company doesn’t observe Columbus day. We didn’t really make plans for any trips but we’re planning to take the family out on our usual weekend jaunts.  I have been asking Alan to bring Angel to the Central Park Zoo, and if the weather cooperates, we just might make it this weekend.  If it’s rainy and gloomy, I want to bring Angel to the Children’s Museum of Manhattan where Clifford the Big Red Dog is featured for the season.  It’s across the street from the famous Café Lalo (of You’ve Got Mail fame) where we love their cakes, tea, and coffee concoctions.  (Important note:  This is one of the few establishments of its stature who don’t accept credit cards.  Cash only.  No reservations either.  Being a tourist attraction of sorts, there’s usually a line. The good news is, they’re usually open late.) I’m hoping the boss sends me home early tomorrow as he usually does the Friday before a long weekend.  If I can get away with doing my grocery Friday evening to get that chore out of the way, I will.  The best part of it is, I get to sleep later or nap during the day.  Can’t wait.

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