Sunday Lunch at home..

.. is not a typical Sunday for us.  The sun is finally out!!  We’re trying to decide what we want to do this afternoon but Alan is still busy watching the first 4 episodes of PRISON BREAK‘s Season 1.  (I did my first four-episode marathon last night while layouting this two-page scrapbook layout of Alan and Angel I uploaded here and here.)

Angel somehow slept through dinner so I ended up feeding him some of his dinner at 1AM.  He finally relented after we begged him to sleep again but he was up and asking for breakfast by 6:30AM.  I managed to nap in the morning but was up by 10:35, this time to make breakfast for Alan.  By the time we were done it was time to make lunch.

I still had 5 barbecue sticks from last night’s dinner from Manny’s Bakeshop at Union Turnpike.  Still, considering the stepson and Alan alone eat 2 sticks each, I had to come up with another viand.  So I did my Bistek and a side of stuffed mushrooms.  It was a good meal!  After lunch I gave Angel a bath and it wasn’t until just a few after 2 that I was able to sit here and do my post.  (I actually finished one already but lost it to cyberspace again.. =)

The sun is finally out and the sky is a nice shade of blue — it’s a sight for sore eyes considering it has been a dully grey all week until today.  We’re just chilling out here at home.  After all, Monday is a holiday so I’m not pressured.  It’s always good to just spend time with my boys.

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