My mom and "Jewel in the Palace"

My Mom is usually asleep at this hour (10:55 PM) but there is a JEWEL IN THE PALACE marathon on AZN (the Asian American cable channel) every sunday from 5-11PM every Sunday.  She’s got 5 minutes more to go.. and she’s still up!

Unlike in Manila where they have dubbed the series into Tagalog, Mom has to make do with subtitles which she has been patiently reading.  If I didn’t have a hundred and one things to do, I’d join her in watching it. 

Sorting things out

And that’s literally.  I’m trying to weed out the stuff I can throw out to make room and organize my things.  For one, I still have quite a stash of the pregnancy magazines I got during my infanticipation.  Going through my personal storage here in the hallway closet, I found more than an inch thick stash of documents I used during a shortlived legal assistant training which I never finished because I decided “TEMP-ing”, even in the legal arena, wasn’t for me.

I have loads of freecards (advertising cards given out for free) to bring up and store with my collection.  I have to fix my scrapbooking supplies more so now that I am doing my scrapbooking primarily digitally.  I had printed out a lot of downloadable scrapbooking backgrounds at the start and now have quite a stash of paper I wouldn’t want to throw away.  They are definitely usable as embellishments.

I also finally put together those little notebooks I buy here, there and everywhere.  I have a thing for paper, you see.  When I was in grade school, I got on the bandwagon and collected stationery.  There used to be a store in Manilabank arcade in Greenhills who sold imported boxed Betsy Clark scented stationery.  And there were even postallettes!  I had bought the notebooks to write on eventually, or maybe give away.  Some I did, but the stocks I have right now are primarily for my personal use.

I will do a quick run of vacuuming up in the attic and try to make room.  We’ve been stashing most of our loot upstairs and it’s a mess again.  There is a lot of space if we can make a semblance of order up there by putting away things in an orderly fashion.

Now that it’s much cooler as fall approaches, it’s not uncomfortable to work there anymore.  Besides, it’s about time I started fixing that space I’ve been meaning to use as my work area. 

We’ve already thrown away Angel’s old play cage, and we’re planning to throw out his crib and a bassinette next.  There are always takers out here, more so since we just put them next to the dumpster in the designated garbage area here.  One person’s trash can be another person’s treasure.

It’s also a good way to refresh my memory about the things I had hidden for one reason or another.  Like I didn’t realize I had blank thank you cards embossed with our monogram, AGD, with the G bigger than the A and the D — I had a bunch printed out for our wedding, and I never consumed them all.  I had completely forgotten about them! 

Thanks to the long weekend, I have enough energy and time to do this.. at least I’m making progress even if just a little at a time.