Slow morning

I don’t know if it’s the rain but I can’t get myself moving fast enough this morning.  Look at me posting at 7:40 AM when I should be hitting the showers soon.  (Okay, giving myself three minutes to post here.)

It should be a relatively quiet day.  Boss is out of state again, being busy.  It doesn’t mean I won’t be, but he’s off my back until the end of the day when we talk for a recap of what has happened on my end.

Meanwhile, I’m thinking if I will finally make that trip to Woodside to bring the package I’m sending home.  Maybe.  A friend had requested me to receive some of the things she had ordered and it’s been waiting to be sent here, just that the book I wanted to give her son is still in transit from old reliable Barnes and Noble.  So I think I’ll just send my stuff off, book or no book.

0 thoughts on “Slow morning

  1. d, maybe…just maybe…you’re pregnant? maybe lang, mare ha? i, myself had that Bridget Jones moment if I’m pregnant because I’ve been feeling so tired, slow, and all those pregnancy signs. then someone reminded me that I do not have a uterus! hahahahaha! jher does… (rolls in laughter) oh my god, i am so excited!!!!


  2. Dinna

    Jerome, unfortunately, not a chance. We are actively practicing contraception, and even if at the back of my head I sometimes think about how nice it would be to have another child, my present day reality reminds me of how difficult it is to raise even this two-year-old alone right now. Dalawa pa? Right now we’re not even saying “maybe in 4 years..”.. this is it.


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