A day in Sesame Place

I can’t believe that it’s just 9:31PM. I’m sitting on the bed with Angel asleep beside me, exhausted after an afternoon with Gabby, Miles, Elmo, Cookie Monster, Rosita and Zoey. We actually didn’t spend the whole day there because we had left New York at practically noon. There is no rush when you know you are using a season pass and need not worry about spending more if you decide to return the following day. But we’ve had our fill. So has Angel. So tomorrow we will just go around some of the malls here.

The smile on his face is just priceless. And it’s certainly music to the ears when we hear him saying “Thank you, Mama.. Thank you, Papa.. Happy..”.

He now enjoys the Lazy River ride which he had been so full of apprehension about the first time he rode it last year. He was almost crying as he sat on Alan’s lap wearing an oversized life vest then. The life vest now fits him snugly, and he had so much fun trying to steer the he and his Dad were riding.

Although Langhorn, Pennsylvania is much closer than Williamsburg, Virginia or Hershey, Pennsylvania, it’s still quite a trip. Again, seeing Angel so happy makes it all worthwhile. It lifts our spirits up and takes away the stress of the previous work week, and we know it continues to enrich Angel’s learning and social skills.

When I was a child, I enjoyed our outings as a family, even if it was just to Fiesta Carnival. Summers spent in Baguio had their own set of memories, and we had outings with our employees to various beaches through the years.. these are things we hope to give Angel here where we are right now. We were fortunate to have very good weather today.. it was hot but manageable, and the sun was out full blast. One of summer’s last hurrahs.. days before fall descend upon us.

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