Dressed to have fun

I truly enjoy Sesame Place because it’s not too big a park, it’s not far from New York, and Angel has a blast seeing his favorite Sesame Street characters.  And this is one park which has some water rides and wading pools although it cannot be classified as a waterpark totally. 

It’s just rather disconcerting to see people going into the water fully clothed.  Yes, in a polo shirt, pants, and everything else underneath.  Considering Sesame Place doesn’t exactly cost cheap (none of the theme parks go for pennies these days), I believe everyone is obligated to observe the dress code in going around the park.  Just as adults and children alike are expected to be dressed appropriately, it’s expected that those who aren’t so dressed will not go where they are not supposed to go.

This is not the first visit I’ve seen adults and children alike who had walked around soaking wet, or who had jumped into the wading pools for children dressed from head to foot.

It is doubly disappointing that the park does not enforce this strictly.  In most waterparks, swimming attire is required as well as swimming diapers for children who aren’t toilet-trained.  While parents usually follow their kids wearing all sorts of shorts, you will rarely find them wearing pants.  Top shirts are also acceptable, but not once they start swimming in the pool.

Given that some get surprised by all the water attractions when the place is generally known for its Sesame Street characters, you would expect that if they don’t purchase the appropriate attire from the various stores, they will refrain from going into any of the pools.  It’s not always the case and they mostly just shrug off the nasty looks they get from other people.  To each his own?  I think that would be acceptable if other people weren’t in the pool with them, but we are.

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