Small World

I have taken to responding to comments on the sidebar but this one deserves special mention because I was just floored when I read it this afternoon.  Tetet of San Bruno, California wrote a response to my Sweet 16 post over the weekend, about the lady I mentioned who cooked for my debut, Tita Effie (I never even knew that was an “F” because my Auntie Andie who was her friend kept calling her Eppie!).  She wrote:  

Hello. I’m an avid reader of your post. As I was reading this, I saw the name of my mother in law – Effie Ramos who lives in Timog Avenue, QC. WOW, you know her. What a small world πŸ™‚ She is an excellent cook, especially her Kare kare and Beef Mechado. YUM!

Tetet, I’m speechless.  Tita Effie has always been someone I will never forget because she helped to make my 18th birthday truly special.  And mind you, she did it as a special gift to me — I didn’t hire her to cook for my guests.  I had lost touch with her through the years because I hardly see Auntie Andie who is her friend, but I always felt something tugging at my sleeve whenever I went around the Circle area.  

I hope she is fine and well.. I will save the kwento in a private e-mail.  I am hoping you can update me on what has happened to her and Tito Joe.  I hope they are both well.. I am keeping my fingers crossed she will remember me because what she did for me was truly a gift from the heart.  During my last visit to Manila this summer, I actually thought of just popping up there one afternoon I was tyring to go between appointments, but I succumbed to hiyaand thought I’d pass it up.

I’m just curious if you’re the mom of their first grandson?  Or are you married to Robert?  I knew Robert, but know that their first grandson was by their other son.  And how is Joel?  (Am I remembering the names right?.. I know there were three sons and their daughter who was a doctor already when I met Tita Effie.)  I would love to catch up — please e-mail!!  If you can, too, please give me Tita Effie’s mailing address so I can send her a short hello by mail at least.  That is, unless she’s also into the net now, then I can e-mail.

Wow.. talk about a blast from the past!  These are the rewards of blogging that are just beyond me.. totally!  It’s like thinking about someone and wondering what has happened to them through the years, and someone like Tetet comes out from nowhere to just tell me they’re related.  It’s as if I hit a button and got an answer almost simultaneously.

0 thoughts on “Small World

  1. d, i love this story! and i love tetet for sharing and opening up di ba? its like you having coffee and tetet (uy, she’s a palindrome) is also having coffee seated at the next table. you telling the sweet sixteen story with us friends and tetet, upon hearing the name, Tita Eppie, just taps you and says, “Hi, I’m tetet and I’m a Filipina too. I can’t help overhearing the name Tita Effie. I was wondering if you are referring to an Eppie….and so on and so forth…” (end scene)

    i love life…


  2. Tetet San Bruno, CA

    It is a small world πŸ™‚ Now I know why it seems like there’s some connection between us and that I am always drawn on your blog. And I swear, I can feel what’s on your mind and your heart everytime I read your posts.

    I will write you a separate e-mail with all the updates on Lola Mommy (that’s how my children call their Lola Effie)

    Thanks, Dinna. Take care!


  3. Dinna

    Jerome, are you sure you’re not in show business, specifically, scriptwriting? LOL.. You really crack me up with these scenarios which are just so YOU! These “conversations” are almost more than just virtual — I can actually see myself sitting across from YOU, hearing you talking for real.


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