Gobble, gobble

Nope, I’m not thinking about Thanksgiving this early.  It’s just that I tried thrice to post last night and each time, my post was gobbled up by cyberspace and I finally gave up just before midnight because I was just so sleepy.  (Blame it on the marathon viewing of Prison Break’s Season 1 DVDs.. )

Don’t you just hate that?  Sometimes I write a long e-mail and I hit send, only to be told that I lost my connection and everything I wrote, of course, failed to hit the cache.  It’s one of the bummers of wireless connectivity, more so since there are 4 other signals being picked up by our router.  But I’m here.

Gloomy Wednesday morning today.  No sign of rain but it looks like it’s coat weather outside.  I am thinking I will grab one of my thinner scarves, too.. one of my Paris treasures.  I’ve had my breakfast of coffee and a Boston Creme donut — and I thought I’d grab the chance before I started preparing for work.

Maybe I’ll grab my camera and take a detour on the way home.  I’ve discovered that taking the bus from my building to the express bus stop takes me to one corner of Central Park.  If it’s sunny enough today, I think I’ll take some pictures.  Or I can take some from our roof deck if the skyline is clear.

I’ve been busy working on my Paris and Sesame Place digital scrapbook layouts.  I have a ton to catch up on, but I figured I’d start layouting them and then just spruce them up before printing.  I’m tempted to start reading Sue Monk Kidd’s THE MERMAID CHAIR but I’m trying to start Bill Clinton’s MY LIFE first.  I am getting on with BLINK.

So as you can see, life goes on.  I started a letter to my bestfriend Fe telling her all about the things happening in my world of late.  She’s been quiet on e-mail and in snail mail.. but she is with me in thought always.  Life is never boring — I told her life goes on.. it would be so nice though if we could just hang out in Cafe Adriatico, dining al fresco, as we used to do a lot before.

(Angel just climbed on to the bed.. the boy is so strong.  I have a high bed and he literally has to pull himself up to climb and he can do it!)


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