Scrapping confession

We spent the afternoon yesterday doing errands, starting off with an afternoon at our favorite little mall where Angel had such a grand time on the kiddie train.  (Thank God his Dad obliged with two rides and I only had to endure one!  At my age, circular rides like that can get to my system and give me headache.)  One of our stops was Michael’s, an arts and crafts store for the art supplies of the stepson for his art class.

I like craft stores because I’m a crafty person.  What I hate is that I find it almost impossible to resist succumbing to the urge to buy, and I feel guilty even if it’s such tiny purchases as small trinkets for scrapbooking which cost me just $5.  So I did give in.. but just a few.  I’m never one to splurge, more so since I’m heavy on the digital scrapbooking these days.  And even digitally, I rely mostly on freebies and there are a ton of fre resources out there.  Okay, I feel less guilty now.

The Korean beef is stewing in the slow cooker.  Should be totally yummy for dinner tonight.

10:33 and still wondering about lunch

It’s a sunny Sunday in New York today and I’m in a quandary about what we’re doing for lunch.  I already started prepping the meat for my Slow cooked Korean Beef Stew for dinner but that’s for dinner.  I was hoping to do some Adobo for lunch but I suddenly realized I didn’t have enough chicken to come up with a decent portion for everyone.  So I told Alan we’ll just buy lunch — I guess that’s a good alternative considering the culinary part of my brain isn’t working full speed on this lazy Sunday morning.  The best I can do is try to work out the priority list of the errands left to do today.

I would’ve loved to go to the Central Park Zoo.. I’m not pinning my hopes on that just yet.  We still might — I think we will.  So let me stop blogging so we can do some of the errands at least, like get the 25-lb bag of jasmine rice from the Chinese grocery nearby.  I might get some inspiration for lunch there, who knows?