A matter of the heart.. literally

I had to go to the neighborhood post office this morning to pick up a package that Mom failed to get at the door because the postman didn’t bother to wait for her to come to the door.  I was in line before the 9AM opening, and the postal workers took their sweet time, opening a few minutes past 9AM.  By the time I was almost up at the window, I started feeling a different kind of chestpain that just wouldn’t go away.  I instinctively picked up my cellphone to check the time because I figured I wanted to check how long the “incident” was in case I had to see my cardiologist.  It was 9:11 when the pain started.  I was on the bus before 9:30 but the pain was still there, and I decided to call the doctor’s office when I realized I wasn’t feeling any relief at all, and it was moving to my head.

I was able to call  my cardiologist’s clinic by almost 9:40 and they requested I come in.  I hopped out of the bus at the next stop and called for a taxi to pick me up at the corner, and then the pain just went away.  I sat at the waiting shed contemplating on whether or not I should call the doctor’s office and tell them I wasn’t going anymore, cancel the taxi, or go anyway.  I decided to just cancel the taxi and I got on the next bus that hit the stop.  I was actually feeling better but the half hour episode was not lost on me

In 2001, I started experiencing chest pains which was the reason I became a patient of this cardiologist.  He ran a gamut of tests from wearing a halter (monitor) for 24 hours to doing a 2D echo and a stress test that cost my insurance company $1000 for him to read the results.  Go figure — I thought they would find something, but he said I was healthy.  (So pray tell me why we went through all those examinations only to be told there’s nothing wrong with me.)  I soon forgot about it and the episodes never came back.  Until today.  So I might renew my friendship with my cardiologist because I think I need to get myself checked.  At my age (a ripe 40!), I need to be wary of all these possible diseases that lurk in the shadows, ready to pounce on me if I don’t watch out.  (I can already hear Alan breathing down my neck telling me to go see the doctor pronto!)

All I have to do is picture Angel playing with me and I know I have to see the doctor.  I intend to stay healthy for another 40 years because I want to see my grandchildren all grown.  Time to make a phonecall.