A Little Boy's Wish

It’s a slow day.. or at least my body is slow to react to the things I want to do.  No, I’m  not sick again.  It must just be the hormones.  So I thought I’d write early and put this away and get work done.  

I received an e-mail from Toni requesting for assistance in contacting the WWF wrestler, Batista, or his promoter to help his 3 year old cancer-stricken fan, Pyro, meet his idol.  (Read Toni’s post here).  Unfortunately, I don’t have special connections in that department but I told Toni that one of the entertainment columnists of Philippine Star had written about Batista not too long ago, although I cannot remember which one of them it was.  That is worth looking up, I think, because they can at least make a referral to the proper party to approach as far as his forthcoming appearance in Manila is concerned.

It makes me sad and scared to see children afflicted with such diseases so early.  The fact that technology is now more advanced and we are making great strides in treating most diseases is not a comfort.  I watch Angel and I always pray he stay healthy.   And I wish Pyro well… I hope he gets to get his wish and meet his idol.  It may not be a cure for the lung cancer they have been desperately trying to conquer, but it sure will make a difference in his young life for sure.

Kudos to Toni and all who have taken the time and effort to try to make Pyro’s wish come true.

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