Six degrees

I just finished watching the season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy, and am now watching JJ Abrams’ new series, Six Degrees.  The show seems promising and has piqued my interest if only because it’s a project of JJ Abrams.  It runs on the premise that you affect anyone you touch in some way, and that all of us are separated by six degrees of separation.

My little boy is deep in slumber.  I hate it that the insect bites from the beach last Sunday are still itchy and inflamed.  So I’ve been putting 1% hydrocortisone on them to help the little boy with the itch.  At least now he can actually tell me “itch”.  Our interaction tonight was just around 2 hours.  I arrived and prepared dinner — embotido and ginataang langka  from he Filipino store in Woodside, he sat with me and the Lolas and had his rice, I gave him a bath, and we lay here in the bed as he watched the last stretch of Thomas the Tank Engine and I started watching my TV. 

He’s taken to holding my hand and kissing it.  He pulls me down and kisses me on the lips with such affection.  And he would look at me and tell me ”Mama, nodyoo” which is the equivalent of his “Mama, I love you.”  That is all I need to hear and everything is fine again.