Iba pa rin ang Goldilocks

Alan’s first assignment when he goes to their hotel in San Francisco is to make time for a trip to the nearest Goldilocks (which isn’t near at all).  I don’t make him buy a ton because I hate refrigerating the goodies and reheating them later because it’s never quite the same after 4 days.  (Not like the Muhlach ensaymada or the MegaMelt ensaymada which I can store in the fridge for up to two weeks.)  He brought home some ensaymadas, mamon, a mocha roll and macapuno tarts.  I told him to forego the pastillas which isn’t quite the same as the ones they serve up in Manila, and it was wishful thinking hoping he’d see some cheese tarts there.  =(

So I’m happy.  While we have our bakeshops here which produce pretty good ensaymada, it’s not quite the same.  I had my fill during my visit this summer back home — even venturing into their branch in SM Baguio to grab a snack when Nikky and I stopped by there.  One of the things I just can’t get over with — goodies like Goldilocks are just in a league of their own.

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