So the Bar exams are over .. what now?

If I’m counting right, today was the last day of the four-week Sunday Bar Exams in Manila.  It takes one halfway through the almost year-long journey for most, beginning after law school graduation in March or April earlier this year, then getting the bar exam results towards the same time of the year in 2007.

This is usually a day of celebration as the hopeful bar exam takers are doused with frothy beer and water and what else as they emerge from the exam venue.  Bands play and blare away, cheers await them as they are met when they come out and friends and family are waiting to embrace them and cheer them on.

After the nerve-wracking four weeks, their hands are aching from all the writing and most are euphoric this last night of the exams, their adrenalin still high.  Tomorrow, they’re back to reality.

For some who have snagged a sponsorship or employment from one of the major law firms, they start looking forward to work.  To those who have been working and had taken a leave to take the exams, it’s back to work.  Give it a day or two and the euphoria wears off and you find yourself looking back at the experience while starting to feel butterflies in your stomach anticipating the exam release next year.

It was one long prayer for me between the last day of the exams and the announcement of the bar results.  Mom and I went to Manaoag every month, I prayed and prayed and prayed.  I wasn’t dreaming on placing, I just wanted to pass.  I didn’t want to take the exams again so I prayed as hard as I could that this be it.  Law school prepared me well not just for the examinations but for the probability of failure as well.  Although the passing average of Ateneo Law is remarkably high, it’s also what makes failure a glaring exception because there are always few enough for the students to be able to name who they were.  (That’s one reason the “other” school touts that Ateneo trains their students to pass the Bar, but their school trains their students to be better lawyers out in the world.  We Ateneans say, to be a lawyer, you have to pass the bar first.. end of argument.)

I wish all barristers the best.  Just move on and try to put the Bar Exams behind you for now.  Whatever your fate is, it has been sealed.  Your answers are in, and there’s no taking that back now.  Let’s just hope that the examiners will accept your answer or at least give you credit for effort.  Til the bar exam results are released, go back to life as you knew it.

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