Time to write longhand

This post will be brief because I promised myself I’d spend time writing some letters longhand tonight.  (I have a letter to my niece I have to finish and my letter to Tita Effie which I haven’t even begun.)  My boy is giving me a tough time tonight refusing to sleep even if he keeps yawning.  Alan’s away on  abusiness trip again, but he’s back on Wednesday.

Letter writing is something I truly enjoy even if it’s not as spontaneous as e-mail.  And mind you, I write long letters.

0 thoughts on “Time to write longhand

  1. BRAVO, D! when i write love letters to jher or my mom or my friends, i make sure it’s done the traditional way. i miss writing letters. very romantic…

    people seem to forget the beauty of longhand writing. sigh…the downside of technology, right?


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