Posted belatedly: Thoughts on a Tuesday morning

I’m running seriously late this morning. I was already at the bus stop when I realized I had left the phone in my room. Under orders from Alan, the stepson is not allowed to use the phone which he usually hogs from 10-PM to midnight and beyond so I am supposed to sequester the phone at night. So I walked back and gave the phone to my Mom and went back to the bus stop. Apparently, I did not lose any time because the same people I had left were still there waiting for a bus.

I am not running at my full element today. But I have to go to work and there are things I need to do. The world doesn’t stop turning just because I’m not feeling 100% a-okay. No crisis. One sometimes has those days when you want to play hookie from your responsibilities and just chill. And the bus is so agonizingly slow this morning. Not that it’s moving any faster matters — I’m late whether it does or not. But it doesn’t help my state of mind. Oops, I’m here.. time to hit the subway.

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