Friday, Friday..

It was a good Friday.  The boss decided to work from home but we were in constant touch.  I still prefer him in the office because then I know where he is exactly and what he’s doing.  Not that he’s high maintenance either way.  As I tell everyone who asks how life is these days, I tell them all I’m happy because I can’t ask for a better boss.

It’s gotten so much colder.  Fortunately I went to work wearing a light coat because it was drizzling earlier and I’ve been carrying a thin scarf in my bag since the nights got chillier. 

I went ahead of Alan and stopped by the grocery to pick up a handful of items… dinner tonight was a toss up between NEGAMAKI (scallions wrapped in sukiyaki thin beef in teriyaki sauce) or CHICKEN SALTIMBOCCA as inspired by Ces.  I followed her lead and took the recipe from courtesy of Giada Di Laurentiis.  The Chicken Saltimbocca won only because thin-sliced chicken cutlets were available.  (Which menas we’re having the Negamaki tomorrow instead.)

I was hoping to go to the Central Park Zoo tomorrow but I don’t think that would be a good idea unless the weather gets better tomorrow.  I doubt it.  But then again, you’ll never know. 

0 thoughts on “Friday, Friday..

  1. hi dinna…
    so how was it? good thing you decided on the chicken and giadda’s recipe..i still feel it’s the better saltimbocca..
    and yes, let’s meet up one of these days…will email you..ok?


  2. Dinna

    Ces, it was very easy to do and it was a hit with the family. The grandmas liked it because it wasn’t oily and the flavors were very mild. I saw, though, that Mario Battali had a similar recipe.. I think I’ll try that one, too, because he’s a favorite of mine. I have been egging Alan to take me to Babbo’s for ages, but he’s not too fond of Italian. One of these days! Will wait for your e-mail..


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