Saturday at the Central Park Zoo

We finally went to the Central Park Zoo yesterday despite the slight drizzle and the generally glum weather.  Except for the absence of the sun blaring in full force, the park was nonetheless bursting with life.  It was a weekend we had a corporate privilege to go in for free.

We didn’t get to go til mid-afternoon but it was enough time for us to enjoy the zoo proper which wasn’t all that big and perfect for toddlers like Angel.  They had covered walkways which made it convenient to move from portion to portion of the zoo despite the rain, and we enjoyed their attractions no matter how few.  There were snakes, a lot of colorful birds, an actual polar bear who cooled himself by submerging most of his body in water (although we could see him whole thanks to the glass wall), penguins galore, monkeys and sea lions. 

Then we went to the Tisch Petting zoo which was a mini-playground in itself.  Birds and other tamer wildlife were in an aviary where the walk was rubberized so it was very safe for kids who were running all over the place.  Afterwards, we continued to walk into the playground behind which was just such a treat for Angel.

It was a good family afternoon and I’m happy we finally visited the zoo.  We are definitely going back one of these afternoons when the weather cooperates.  It’s getting colder outside so we have to do it when the temperature is not that bad.

I was totally pooped by the time I lay down to tuck Angel in.  I didn’t even get to write anything here to cap the day.  (The blog can always wait.)  Alan and I were saying how most New Yorkers take these things forgranted.  Believe it or not, despite the stepson and the fact that he’s been a New Yorker for over 20 years, Alan had never been to this part of Central Park before.  He has never watched a free play at the De La Corte Theatre.  So we explore New York together.  Now we are a threesome exploring this big city we call home.

One of the black neck swans of the Central Park Zoo

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