A good read for the heart

Not for lack of anything to do, but I thought I’d print out some news articles for Mom from the weekend eidition of Philippine Star Online.  I was browsing their articles when I came upon this piece by Bernadette Sembrano, in her column JUST BE, entitled “Juan day at a time“. ”Juan” here is Juan Magdaraog or “Dikoy”, a 29 year old young man who has managed to make something of himself despite his health challenges.  Bernadette wrote of his struggle against POMPE disease which Juan himself chronicles in his website, Fight Pompe.  

After reading just two of his posts and his profile page, I must say a got a Monday boost of inspiration reading about Juan.  There are a lot of lessons from Juan’s writings.  Sometimes you bump into people living under extraordinary circumstances and you realize that whatever challenges you face are so insignificant compared to what others have to go through just to live from day to day.  Then you find inspiration in how they actually go about living their lives with such zeal — it reminds me that I have the same capability to deal with my day-to-day struggles.

But what struck me most about my brief introduction into Juan’s world is how he is trying to bring our attention to the fact that there are certain maladies and health conditions which are not being given due attention because their occurence is very rare, such as his affliction, Pompe disease.  One thing that I have realized here in the US is that for all the defects of their social welfare system, the health-challenged are actually in a much better position than most of their counterparts in other parts of the world, more so in comparison to those of our kababayans so afflicted in the Philippines.  Here the focus is to be able to help them lead productive lives, if able, and to help them live a dignified existence if they are otherwise unable to have some measure of independence.

Go have a taste of Juan’s writing and visit his blog.  This much I know, he speaks from the heart.

0 thoughts on “A good read for the heart

  1. Scott

    I couldn’t agree with you more about Juan. His motivation and stories show how sometimes people have to overcome bigger obstacles in life than the everyday “what am I going to wear today mentatilty”. He truly is an inspiration and after coming across his blog, and the article in the Wall Street Journal, I too wanted to help spread awareness. I have some additional information on Pompe disease you and your readers might find interesting. There is a lot of diagnostic information as well as images to help generate symptom awareness. I would love for you to take a look at it and let me knwo what you think. Let me know and I will be happy to send you the link.



  2. Dinna

    Scott, thanks for visiting. I read about Juan through Bernadette Sembrano’s column. It sure inspires me to read about people like him who continue and live a meaningful life despite his illness.


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