My first cold sore of the season

I don’t mean to gross you out, but the wind was so nastily cold Friday evening I came home with a cold sore on my upper lip.  It stings from time to time so I have my Aveeno Active Naturals (Intense Relief Medicated Therapy) here on my docking station so it’s within easy reach.

Today was a whole lot milder, but it’s no longer t-shirt weather.  Nope, I did not go to work in a coat.  That would be too bulky and warm for the afternoon’s projected high of 70 degrees.  It won’t be hot as in “hot” but it won’t be cold either.  (I’m sure those who are trying to get a sense of my descriptions of the temperature here are scratching their heads silly trying to figure out what I’m trying to say.)  

I just shudder to think about how the winter will be, given that fall’s preview seems to be rather harsh.  So today I took out the socks and the loafers, but I’m not wearing a sweater.  Just one of my thin turtlenecks and a pair of slacks.  I went to work wearing a denim jacket, but with a knitted blue shawl (bought in the tiangge down at the Greenbelt lobby in 2002) wrapped around my shoulder just in case it got really cold.  It wasn’t, so in my tote the shawl went.  You can never be too careful in this kind of weather.  

Cold sores don’t go that quickly… and I’d hate to have windburn on my face.  Time to get ready for Old Man Winter.

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