Wishing Jan Kurt Nieto the best of luck!

Thanks to YouTube, I can watch clips of Philippine Idol online.  Unfortunately, I cannot vote.  I am aggressively campaigning for Jan and hope that the people I’ve written to vote for him.  I read that Mr. C (Ryan Cayabyab) was critical of his performance when he sang “Bridge Over Troubled Water” — so I’m keeping my fingers crossed he performs better this coming weekend.

While the audience chooses who gets to stay and indirectly, who gets eliminated, our experience here with American Idol is that the audiences actually pay attention to what the judges say, even if Simon Cowell keeps getting booed when he starts bearing down on the contestants.  I know Mr. C is no Simon Cowell, but I’m hoping, too, that Jan will be like Fantasia Barino who had her bad days but who ended up winning over the favorite, Latoya London.  Personally, I thought Latoya was a much better singer by leaps and bounds, but Fantasia had the personality to go with the voice.

As I told Lani in response to her comment below on my original post about My Philippine Idol: Jan Kurt Nieto, all of them are already stars in their own right.  To have bested the thousands who auditioned for this competition and landed where they are speaks of real talent. 

While we sit and judge the contestants performing in front of a live audience and knowing the rest of the country is tuned in ready to cast theri votes, these individuals are actually performing in the worst of circumstances — so if they actually don’t hit their notes and sound flat, if they lose their bearings and you hear them go off-key, then put yourself in their shoes and you might become more forgiving.

As I said, they’re getting there.. a song at a time.  Good luck, Jan!

0 thoughts on “Wishing Jan Kurt Nieto the best of luck!

  1. Good luck to Jan. They are indeed stars in their own right. I have my own bets though. I just hope he makes good song choices.

    I know they are under immense pressure because they perform in front of audiences so we should be a “bit” forgiving, but I personally believe that this is actually the time for them to step up on their game because they were chosen among thousands of aspirants, some of which are actually better than the top 12. So they have to prove that they are the best, and sharp and flat notes may be forgiven (sometimes), pero this should be exception not the rule.


  2. Jher

    Jher, you do have a point. I remember Jasmine Trias hitting flat notes so many times I thought she would be eliminated before the group was trimmed to 6 but she made it to the top 3. Those who are more discerning will hear them, but even the professionals fall prey to this from time to time. And yes, they will distinguish themselves by how they perform undern the scrutiny of the Philippine public. Good luck to all of them.. I can’t wait to see the CD compilation of the top 12 released so I can listen to each of them.


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