Busy scrapbooking

It was past midnight by the time I realized that I was too busy scrapping that time just slipped away.  Angel is asleep and Alan is out with some friends.  I pieced together printed layouts because I suddenly got a panic attack when word documents refused to open on me.  Microsoft’s explanation was the the encoding had been changed or altered, and I was being asked to repair something in the set up which I just can’t do.

So rather than risk losing what I’ve worked so hard at putting together, I started printing out the 12×12 layouts into two-piece pages I’ve also pasted together and trimmed to size.

It’s tedious but seeing the documents in actual hard copy is very rewarding.  I can’t wait to complete the whole summer album. 

My weekend is going to be very busy.  We have a friend from Paris who is arriving tomorrow, and Alan promised to take him out to dinner.  We are bringing him to Kittichai, now a favorite Thai fusion restaurant for Alan and I.  (Read my original post on Kittichai here.) Alain was a very gracious host to us in Paris last year, taking us to one of their more upscale French-Chinese restaurants.

And my friend, Nerris arrived tonight.  I am expecting a call from her tomorrow and I am reserving Sunday to take her and her friend around.  In between all that we’d like to spend time with the family, Alan will attend a barbecue at a former neighbor’s new house, and we have our usual errands to run.

Long weekend ahead, but both Alan and I work on Monday.  At least we get a break — you know what I mean.