A sense of deep frustration

What do you do when you live with someone who cares nothing about the other people who live in the house he lives in?  He leaves the house at 7AM and is caught by the truancy police in an internet cafe.  He goes home to pick up his things and tells his grandmother he is going to his Mom’s house.  His Mom calls his Dad to ask how he is because he didn’t show up there, and apparently he is somewhere with his girlfriend.  It makes us wonder what kind of parent allows their daughter’s boyfriend to sleep over two weekends straight in their home.  So maybe the parents are working — still..

He calls us tonight to tell us he is finally at his Mom’s house with no sign of remorse whatsoever.  It’s like “live with it”.. do I have to?  I ask myself.

So it isn’t enough that he disrespects everyone in this house.  The grandmother takes his side and gets mad momentarily, then just coddles him on.  Is it any wonder then that he has no respect for anyone in this house?

Tomorrow he returns to our place again.  I have another five days to bear this imposition.  He loves to play the victim but he victimizes us all.

And here I am cooking dinner for everyone, him included.  We even sit in front of each other on the dinner table.  No thanks to his antics, there is a deadening silence on the dinner table whenever he eats with us.  My mother washes the dishes for everyone — although there are times when he would wash his plate but his plate alone.  He doesn’t throw the trash — his father does.  He does not pick up after himself — his grandma cleans up after him. 

I think about his return with dread.  It makes me want to stay out sometimes and not go home if not for the fact that my son is home, and I have to make dinner for everyone.  It makes me feel bad that I have to lug a gallon of milk after a long day at work and bring it home instead of being able to ask him to get it for us on the way home from school.. or that it is my Mom who always washes the dishes for us and he just sits around watching television or listening to his CDs.  What I loathe the most is that he treats everyone, even his father and grandmother with disrespect, and yet he has the gall to come home to our house — I guess because his own Mother will not take him in anymore.

Nobody seems to have a solution to the problem, and the problem doesn’t look like it will just go away.