Humuhuni ang hangin

May bagyo yata dito sa New York ngayon.  Malakas ang hangin sa labas.  Minsan maririnig mong humuhuni ang hangin.  Kung biglang umulan, siguradong papasok ang tubig sa bintana.  Hindi naman ganoong kalamig.  Siguro mamaya pa uulan.

Pagod ako pero ayaw pa akong dalawin ng antok.  Siguro dahil gising na gising pa ang isipan.. meme na.. meme na..

Busy with the party

I haven’t had much time to devote to blogging lately because I’ve been burning CDs, designing the CD cover, designing and making the CD envelope and just getting this whole party together.  It’s happening tomorrow (yes, Friday the 13th!) and I will give you the details day after. 

We’re not looking at an overly huge crowd.  It’s an intimate gathering of friends in a bar somewhere in Midtown, and it looks like we’re going to have a good showing from friends and colleagues alike.  I only have two of my personal friends coming, both from my former employer in a previous life.  Nerris is still here so this is hitting two birds with one stone because she gets to party with us and she gets to sample the bar scene.

I made a compilation of not-so-known easy listening music from a 3-CD lounge set we have.  Alan was the one who bought this originally and he just likes the songs in the set so it was up to me to choose the songs we were going to burn for his souvenir.  I think it’s a pretty good mix.. I stayed away from the dancy tunes and just stuck with those one would prefer to listen to on a quiet evening as you relax at home.  Songs from Cindy Lauper to Nina Simone.. to Bic Runga and Shawn Colvin.  If you want to get a copy, first ten to send me their address as part of a comment will get one in the next four weeks — US or the Philippines, it doens’t matter from where.  (Comments and addresses will NOT be published.)  Please give me your address as it should be written on an envelope addressed to you.

I used some digital scrapbook graphics for the cover — and it was a challenge printing them out to size because of the huge file size of the graphics.  I am mighty proud of the way they came out — pictures over the weekend to be posted here..

He’s all excited about his party as some friends he hasn’t seen in ages have agreed to come.  Some of them I am meeting for the first time.. Anything to make his special day a happy one.  He has already started to receive greetings from all over — the best greeting, though, comes form the little tyke lying next to him as he sleeps at night.

Happy 40th, Honey!