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I always like reading about people who go beyond their personal struggles and overcome their situation to emerge as better persons.  More than finding myself lucky to be better off in terms of their disability, I find inspiration in the way they have risen above their limitation.  It helps me to find something to hold on to as I deal with my personal challenges.  

I strayed into Fr. James Reuter, SJ’s column in Philippine Star “At 3AM” with his article entitled “Dare to Dream“.   Fr. Reuter is no stranger to me because he used to be such a familiar fixture in productions mounted by St. Paul College of which I am an alumna.  He writes about Wijinne Hizon Lumagui who had suffered from an illness (which Fr. Reuter does not disclose) and which has caused her to postpone finishing her education over periods of convalescence.  She finally graduated recently at age 30 and excerpts of her valedictory address are provided in the article.

I suggest you read the article.  I have a letter to write and mail to Wijinne.  (Her address and contact details are also provided.)

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